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1. Temporary-to-permanent (DetaVast)

If you are looking for security and flexibility before hiring a permanent employee then this a great solution. This enables you to have a longer trial period with the employee, before taking over the employee directly. .
The employee will be pay rolled for a pre-agreed period and as per our terms and conditions you are not charged for the take-over of the employee.
The advantage of the DetaVast (temp to perm) service is:

  • Flexibility
  • Risk spreading
  • Better evaluation of candidate during the probation period
  • Cost saving; you only pay for hours worked
  • Time saving; we take care of all the payroll and contract administration
  • No financial risk in case of absenteeism

The candidate will be paid per hour. This hourly rate includes the gross salary, employer's costs, reservations for holidays, holiday money and JP Gray's fee.

2. Temporary Staffing

If you are looking for temporary support, for example for maternity cover or to alleviate work-load we can support you with candidates on a temporary basis. This service does not offer the opportunity to take-over the professional after the project.

3. Permanent Staffing

If you have fixed requirements and are looking for a permanent team member then we have a database of potential employees, across a variety of sectors and industries. There is a fixed fee for this service based on the gross annual salary of the candidate. The candidate is directly employed by your organization.

If you would like more information or have a staffing requirement please contact us