Get to know us - Jeanine Tukker

Jeanine, please introduce yourself in two sentences. 

"I am Jeanine, raised in Het Groene Hart and I currently live in Amsterdam. I previously completed the hotel school, and I am currently studying HBO Business Administration (part-time) at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam."

How long have you been working at JP Gray and how did you get here?

"5 years already! Back then, I applied for the job myself after I saw a call passing by on a private Facebook page. I had lived abroad for several years and was looking for a new challenge. Not just any job, really a career. Based on the ad, I got super excited about SThree because they could offer this career."

What success moment during your career at JP Gray will stay with you forever?

"Oh tricky question. I do have several I dare say! My success moments include achieving incentives, which were totally organised trips to Gerlos, Porto, Valencia, and Prague. You really celebrate your successes with the whole team here, which is incredibly cool and makes you realise that this is a unique position. In addition, I recently achieved a personally important promotion for me and that is that of Principal Consultant."

What characteristics should a good recruitment consultant possess, and do you think anyone can become a consultant?

"I believe empathy, a healthy dose of ambition, and perseverance will take you very far as a consultant. There are more challenging situations, not always the fun ones compared to the successes and you have to deal with that if you want to grow. I am quite a perfectionist myself, so I have run into the well-known wall a few times (and still do), but that has ultimately brought me so much more. In addition, you work with a very diverse group of colleagues as well as your clients and achieve success together with them, you have to be a good listener, and put yourself in someone else's shoes from time to time."

Do you have any good or fun tips for your future colleague?

"Stick to yourself and speak up when you see an opportunity to change something yourself! In this role, you get a lot of freedom, which is unique in my experience. You are in control of your own career and you get support from different angles to achieve your goals. A win-win as far as I'm concerned."

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