Get to know us - Marnix Dekker

Marnix, please introduce yourself in two sentences:

"Good evening, my name is Marnix Dekker and I am 25 years old. I studied commercial economics and in my spare time I am often playing sports. Three times a week I play korfball and, occasionally, I play padel or basketball with friends."

How long have you been working at JP Gray and how did you get here?

"I have been working at JP Gray since September last year and ended up here through LinkedIn. I didn't know exactly what I wanted yet and after several conversations with the different brands within SThree, I eventually started working here."

What success moment during your career at JP Gray will stay with you forever?

"One success moment that will stay with me is how my second and third candidate went from application to new job within 2 days. In addition, they were both very enthusiastic, which really stuck with me."

What characteristics should a good recruitment consultant possess, and do you think anyone can become a consultant?

"I think almost anyone can become a good recruitment consultant. The most important thing is perseverance, being able to have a good social conversation, and enjoying the interviews you do. If you have these qualities and, in addition, you are also commercial, you can definitely become successful."

Do you have any good or fun tips for your future colleague?

"For all future colleagues: go in with an open mind, take everything in and work hard. If you do so, you can learn so much here. Looking at myself from September until now, you can learn a lot within no time. This makes you grow as a professional but also on a personal level."

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