Get to know us - Rebecca van Erkelens

Could you introduce yourself in two sentences?

"Hi! I am Rebecca, 23 years old and living in Amsterdam. I studied International Sports, Management, and Business at the HvA and did internships in Thailand and Norway. If I had to describe myself, I would say energetic, impatient, and enthusiastic!"

How long have you been working at JP Gray and how did you get here?

"I've been at JP Gray for almost 2 years now and ended up here through our corporate recruitment team. I came into contact with recruitment during my graduate internship in Norway and previously I did an internship in sales. Since I love talking all day, this is a perfect fit for me!"

What success moment during your career at JP Gray will stay with you forever?

"Of course, doing your first mediation, but also definitely the fact that all the consultants celebrate your successes with you when you start having these successes."

What characteristics should a good recruitment consultant possess, and do you think anyone can become a consultant?

"You should have the courage to take action right away – don't be afraid and be commercially minded. Besides, if you have the right motivation, you’ll have a great future here!"

Do you have any good or fun tips for your future colleague?

"Give it some time! Get to know everyone and do everything at your own pace."

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