Get to know us - Selcukhan Okay

Selchukan, please introduce yourself in two sentences:

"I am Selcukhan Okay, 26 years old and live in Almere. After studying Commercial Economics at Windesheim University in Almere, I started working at JP Gray."

How long have you been working at JP Gray and how did you join us?

"Since 1 September 2021. After I graduated, I was approached – you'll never guess – by a recruiter. "

What success moment during your career at JP Gray will stay with you forever?

"After I achieved a number of successes, I was allowed to join the Diner Club. This means visiting a Michelin restaurant with a small group; a truly special experience!"

What qualities does a good recruitment consultant possess? And do you think anyone can become a consultant?

"A good consultant must be able to step outside his comfort zone, be very sociable, and have a commercial mindset. Not everyone can become a consultant. It takes time to master all the facets. You learn by doing it. When you struggle to get over a misstep, you will never master all facets."

Do you have a tip for your future colleague?

"Work hard and play hard"

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