Why work with a local recruitment partner

It’s important to choose the right recruitment partner. You cannot afford to make mistakes while taking your first steps in a new region. 

One of the ways to remove the risk is working with local partners. The first challenge when entering the Netherlands and Europe for that matter, can be to identify who your trusted local partners are.

Working with local partners can help to speed local integration and customize products across different channels.  Local service partnerships is also a way to minimize risk and gain access to skills and digital marketing ecosystems.


Each country has its own laws, languages, cultures, skills, regulations and pricing structures. This is why it is important for organizations to choose the right providers or partners to help them expand, but selecting the right partners can be a challenge. Some providers will offer services across countries; others will focus only on their local market. The challenge is to determine your requirements and then identify a suitable provider that can work with you in-country or across the region. For many organizations, hiring a local team or working with partners with ingrained local knowledge will help overcome some of these challenges. Some organisations choose to employ local resources in the market to ensure it is fulfilling local requirements. Local partnerships can also help create a channel for organizations facing a wave of established competitors in the new markets they are serving. “We are trying to be careful to find partners that can help us make a smooth transition, at the right cost, quality and responsiveness of service, with the right mix of services that can help us comply with labour law and market regulations. Cost and pricing will be important, but so will service guaranties.


Seek recommendations for local providers and take the time to sit down face-to-face to discuss your requirements and concerns. Ask prospective providers about their understanding of your business vertical and its requirements, and their own technology roadmap and current partnerships and services.

Organizations entering or expanding across Europe that are not familiar with their new territories already face several challenges before they even consider technology. They are entering a new competitive environment where cultures and legal requirements are different and varied, and access to skills can also pose challenges. This is why the recruitment journey for many companies starts with identifying their current and future requirements across Europe before selecting the right partners or service providers to work with. Careful planning will minimize risk and maximize the benefits over the long term from cost savings to greater agility and business efficiency. Europe promises a lot of opportunity for those willing to commit to a strategic approach to the market to ensure they are deploying the right technologies, partners and support networks.