Demi Snelleman - Meet the team

Even though we are striving towards one common goal “bringing skilled people together to build the future”, every consultant at JP Gray brings his or her own personal touch to the job as a recruitment consultant. Today, we would like to introduce you to Demi Snelleman and take a look in her day as a recruitment consultant.

Demi! Tell us, who are you?

I am (almost) 24 years old and I have been working at JP Gray for nearly 9 months. I operate in the Life Sciences market – particularly Medical Devices & Food Production in the region of Noord Brabant & Limburg. Having lived a life all over the world due to the profession of my parents, it was time for me to settle down. I applied for a position at one of JP Gray’s clients, when soon after a consultant  asked if I wasn’t interested to for JP Gray? A few Skype conversations and interviews later, I was the first consultant to ever be hired through Skype. I moved from Curacao to the Netherlands to start my career at JP Gray without ever having met or seen the team and office. Now that, already says a lot about the vibe I got over the internet from a wonderful team!

Why did you decide to join JP Gray at the time?

The feeling was instantly right. As mentioned above, I never met the team nor saw the office with my own eyes. The welcoming feeling present through screens and technology was even more overpowering upon arrival in the Netherlands. Sometimes they say ‘ don’t pick the job but pick your colleagues and your bosses’ – I believe in this a lot. Even though you might have found your dream job, if you have crappy colleagues then working there could become difficult. They made me feel welcome every step along the way. Whenever needed, someone is there to help you out. It is a position where you can be ambitious – you decide your own path. This is something that also convinced me. Sometimes, you have to ‘wait’ to make a next step – at JP Gray, the power is your own hands. You will be promoted alongside how you perform personally. As a driven and motivated individual, this made me enthusiastic!

What describes you as a character?

I am very determined but empathic. If I set a goal for myself – I will do anything in my power to reach it above and beyond. I would say even a little bit perfectionist, sometimes I set the expectations a little too high for myself – therefore I see it as both my weakness and my strength. Moreover, I am very adventurous. In a nutshell – I like to take risks and see what magic comes from this. Anything to challenge the mind and be free. I also enjoy being creative from time to time and have a big heart and passion for arts and music.

What is your personal touch as a recruiter?

I think quality goes above and beyond all. An introduction call that lasts for 1.5h where you actually take time to get to know each other is way more important to me than a ‘ quick win’. I love relationship building and making a difference in someone’s life. After all, you can be a recruiter that helps to provide a new chapter in someone’s life. Being that listening ear, that helping hand and someone they can trust – providing and ensuring a quality service is my personal touch.

How does your day look like?

Each day is different at JP Gray. But one thing is for sure, it involves lots and lots and lots of talking!  I am on the phone to either qualify a new candidate, take down references, start new partnerships or negotiating about starting a new partnership. From time to time, you also grab the car to meet (potential) clients in your specified region. This is my favourite part! But the fact that every day is different and having the freedom to plan my day to reach goals and targets is quiet nice.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

 I think I am naturally ambitious which definitely helps in a sale driven environment that we are working in. Nevertheless, we get really appreciated by the hard work, for example taking by going on a Friday afternoon to a Michelin restaurant. We celebrate everything as a team and this give a lot of reward.  

Do you have a golden tip to candidates or clients?

Service is something that cannot be sold. Allow a consultant to show you what their service is like to judge whether or not you would want to work with them.

Any final words?

Only by stepping out of your comfort zone, you will see magic happen!


Would you like to get in touch with Demi? Contact us to find out how she can help you.