Eline Smid - Meet the team

Eline tell us! Who are you?

Hi All, I am Eline, senior principal consultant and now working for almost 6 years for JP Gray and recently (last year) I became a mum! My journey started when I was working for the event industry. Unfortunately there was no space for growth and a clear development path, something what is very important to me since I believe in transparency and hard work. I decided to look around and eventually started as a consultant at JP Gray where you are responsible for your own success. What is success you may question yourself? For me that’s building sustainable and transparent relationships with clients and candidates alike. Working on a long term business collaboration instead of going for this one single job only and finding people careers instead of jobs. I feel lucky to participate in this life changing process.

"Recruitment is fun as long as you believe in your own strategy and your manager is supporting you doing this."

My biggest challenge in my role as a recruiter was the cold calling part. To be honest, I never enjoyed this part of the job, feeling like you are chasing potential clients over and over again, knowing they get crazy being called by much more recruiters than yourself. I think what made me stay so long in this role is the fact I found an approach which is closer to myself as a person. Recruitment is fun as long as you believe in your own strategy and your manager is supporting you doing this.

How does your day look like?

I start my daily routing early in the morning. Last year I became a mum for the first time, which has changed my life forever (of course in a good way!). I bring our daughter to day-care and once at the office (currently working from home) I grab a coffee, have a small chat with my colleagues and start with checking my inbox. I prioritize things that need to be done via the Stephen Covey model. This always helps me to stay focussed and getting things done! Lunch break when working at the office, we spend with colleagues, inside or outside the office.

What is your main giveaway from this period of time?

I think we are living in a challenging period of time. Both personal lives and the economy have been effected by the current reality we live in. On the other hand, it feeds our brain and force us to think different. We go back to the essentials of life instead of rushing through the week. If you are a candidate reading this and you have lost your job/or looking for a new challenge, please feel free to reach out to me! If you are a manager and feel stuck in your recruitment processes due to the situation we’re all in together, please feel free to reach out to me so we can have a chat and find a future based solution.

Let’s look forward and stay positive, together we will make it happen!


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