Laila Hegazi - Meet the team

Even though we are striving towards one common goal “bringing skilled people together to build the future”, every consultant at JP Gray brings his or her own personal touch to the job as a recruitment consultant. Today, we would like to introduce you to Laila Hegazi and take a look in her day as a recruitment consultant.

Laila tell us! Who are you?

I am Laila and I am a Sales Team Manager at JP Gray. I have been working for the company since October 2015. When I accepted the job offer at JP Gray I moved from Uden, a small town in Noord-Brabant to the big city: Amsterdam. It was a scary decision at the time to leave everything I knew behind and start a new adventure. Looking back at almost 5 years at JP Gray I can honestly say that I have made the best decision; I have grown both personally and professionally in the job.

What describes you as a character?

People who know me will hopefully agree; I am on top of my game, always. What does that mean: I am pro-active, accurate, responsive (I have a few clients who are more surprised when I don’t pick up the phone in 2 seconds then when I do) a bit of a perfectionist in some way and really caring about the members in my team, the clients and the candidates I work with.

In which market do you operate?

I am specialized in Customer Service, Supply Chain and HR positions in the Chemical industry within the Rotterdam & Breda region. Initially I couldn’t identify myself at all with this chemical market but after time I learned so much about this industry which is always evolving. Merges, acquisitions and spin-offs. Never a dull moment in the chemical industry. Also it is a small world. Over time a got to know many people in my network and it is not unusual that I speak with someone new and that I know at least 1 of their former or current colleagues.

What is your personal touch as a recruiter?

It is not that hard to add a personal touch as long as you stay true to yourself. I never pretend to be perfect towards my clients or candidates. After all I am also human. By being open, honest and vulnerable while working with clients and candidates they will show me the same. I have been gifted with the capacity to remember everyone’s personal story. It genuinely interests me who I am working with but I also remember every detail of what people tell me.

You have a cat named disco or your child had their first day at their new school and you told me this 3 years ago. I will probably remember this better than your salary indication or your notice period.

How does your day look like?

I don’t have a set routine because one day I am having a lot of meetings with team members and the other day I am focussing on a process with one of my key clients .

I do have a few GOLDEN rules which work really well for me

  1. I always respond to an e-mail directly when it takes less than 2 minutes to reply. I believe responsiveness is key in my work.
  2. I colour code my agenda and print it daily – it gives me structure and helps to make sure that I get things done.
  3.  Eat the frog – I always make sure that the biggest project that needs to be done is done first.

Do you work with several timeframes or do you divide your activities throughout the day?

I plan the to do’s in my calendar so my meetings don’t conflict with the things I want to do during the day. This how I have everything I need in an overview. Also I make sure to keep at least 1,5 hour free per day for ad hoc activities because it is given fact that during my day something unexpected will pop up.

How do you spend your lunchbreak?

I try to stay away from my desk to take a real break from working. Sometimes challenging though.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

It is not hard to stay motivated because there is always a challenge I can keep myself busy with.

I still feel incredibly motivated to find a candidate their dream job and at the same time making my client happy with the candidate they were hoping for. You can really make a positive impact on people their lives.

 What was the reason you thought: yes, let’s do this!

The fact that there was an opportunity to grow was very appealing to me. What convinced me was that I was in charge of my own growth. No glass ceilings or political games to make a next step.

Basically I had full control of my career (Which I like, haha).

What makes JP Gray so much fun?

Working in an energetic environment with people who are highly motived is an environment I strive in. Apart from this it is nice to be surrounded with likeminded people who you can also have a lot of fun with. Making the move from Uden to Amsterdam became less hard because of the many people I got to know from work which a few of them I get to call good friends.

What is your main giveaway from this period of time?

My golden tip to candidates or clients is to be creative and adapt to this new reality. Look at what is possible instead of what isn’t. Moreover, I truly believe in partnerships over transactions. A partnership takes two and that’s basically my advice if you consider to work with any consultant. Our aim is after all to create less work for the hiring manager, deliver the best candidates available in the market and work towards a high level of trust.  If you work with the right person make sure to invest some of your time to understand what the expectations are in terms of communication, process and the desired profile. Why? It takes more than a good profile to make sure that the process will be successful. You will see that by investing time in the beginning by giving constructive feedback, taking the time to discuss the profile and process that the consultant will be able to increase the quality in the delivery and you will find yourself spending less time in recruiting the best candidates in the future.

Wisdom of life

Good things take time


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