Robin Reinders - Meet the team

Even though we are striving towards one common goal “bringing skilled people together to build the future”, every consultant at JP Gray brings his or her own personal touch to the job as a recruitment consultant. Today, we would like to introduce you to Robin Reinders and take a look in his day as a recruitment consultant.

Robin tell us! Who are you?

I am Robin Reinders, a proud born and raised Amsterdammer. In May 2017, I started my career at JP Gray as a recruitment consultant. Now, two years later, I have made a switch in my career. Currently I am an account manager where I extend our client network and I am responsible for relationship management.

Many clients and colleagues will probably characterize me as someone who likes a direct approach with a personal touch. I also like to be someone who talks about current affairs with others and to share my opinion about it.

How does your day look like?

Normally I spend around 70 percent of my time on the road and visiting clients. Visiting new and existing clients is in my opinion the most fun part of my job. It is great to drive through the country and visiting all different places. I visit companies from different fields, which makes it so much fun. From large hydraulic tools, medical equipment, chemical plants to one of the largest logistics carriers in the port of Rotterdam. The companies keep impressing me.

How do you spend your lunchbreak?

As soon as I get to the office, I am the first to yell, "Let's go to the butcher, I'm hungry for a sandwich." I try to sit at my desk as little as possible during lunch. A break is essential to get back to work effectively afterwards.

Why did you decide to join JP Gray?

My father taught me a lot about sales. He was responsible for sales at one of the largest angling brands in Europe. Because of him, I fell in love with the profession. Traveling a lot, getting to know people, discovering new things and of course not forgetting to sell your service. In the past three years, I have learned a lot and I am happy with the colleagues I have. Not a single moment I have regretted starting at JP Gray.

Golden tip for Clients & Candidates

Whether you are a starter or experienced in business. We can all learn from each other.

Words of Wisdom

Even if you are not a natural talent, you can become a talent by working hard!


Would you like to get in touch with Robin? Contact us to find out how he can help you.