Thisiera Badal - Meet the team

Meet the team - Thisiera Badal

Thisiera tell us! Who are you!

I am Thisiera Badal, Senior Recruitment Consultant at JP Gray. July 2017 I became part of the JP Gray Team and I am still enjoying it every day. After I finished my Bachelor in Law, I decided to look for a career where I could combine working with many different people and building a career for myself in sales. I was looking for a dynamic working place which challenges me every day. This is such a place! There is no typical day at recruitment, it’s a cliché, but it’s true.

Starting as a recruiter, I soon realised there are thousands of recruiters you have to compete with. To become successful, you not only have to learn the key steps in recruitment, you have to know your own strengths and added value. ‘What makes you different from the other ten recruiters I spoke to this morning?, ‘How is your approach better?’, ‘What can you offer me, that others aren’t?’. These al all questions you get in the first weeks in to the business.

What describes you as a character?

Most people will say that I am stubborn and that I would like to do things my own way. With every step that I take, I Always have bigger goals and dreams that I pursue. Furthermore, I believe in long term relationships. To build these a personal approach, good communication and transparency are key! In my role as Senior Recruitment Consultant, I am a recruiter for the practical side of the process and a consultant for the clients and candidates I work with.

In which market do you operate?

During the last three years I have built my network within Supply Chain, HR and Finance. Most companies I work with are active in the Chemical Market and Packaging Industry. Being focused on the personal connection and long term relationships I have built with people, gave me the opportunity to work with companies is other sectors as well.

What is your personal touch?

Recruitment is a people business. Being personal and genuine is something that comes naturally. When you really listen to people, you know where you can be of added value. It gives me great pleasure to help someone prepare for his/her interview or discuss with clients how the process can be even more successful next time. Listen to people and understand where you can add value, that is something I really love about my job.

What makes JP Gray such a great team?

The team exists of motivated and enthusiastic colleagues who celebrate successes together. Furthermore ,JP Gray is built on organic growth. We all need each other to grow. This is great for the team spirit!

"Recruitment is a people business and clear communication and managing the right expectations are important."

What is your main giveaway from this period of time?

Not all recruiters are cowboys/cowgirls!

Working in the service industry, it is important to take the time to get to know each other and really listen to the other party. As said before, recruitment is a peoples business and clear communication and managing the right expectations are important. These are the key elements for an equal partnership that is beneficial to all stakeholders!

Wisdom of life

I believe it is important to stay close to your own values and listen to your gut feeling in how to approach things. Recruitment is a team effort with at least three stakeholders, all with their own expertise. When we take the time to listen to each other, we can really connect.

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