Key competencies: Supply Chain Manager

Do you have the ambition to work as a Supply Chain Manager? Or you work as one already and would like to further develop your skills? We have listed the most important competences for you. In this position you are responsible for (a part of) the ‘supply chain'. You ensure that all processes along the chain, from developing a product to delivering it, function optimally. To be able to do this, you need the right competences alongside a higher vocational education in logistics. Discover which skills you ought to be looking into for this function. 

1. Persuasiveness is one of your strongest points

Having an overview is one thing, but without persuasiveness you won't change anything. As a Supply Chain Manager, you are a manager, lobbyist, and motivator – all in one. Through your persuasiveness you know how to enthuse and connect all relevant departments. But you also know how to explain what is expected of whom. You create a positive working environment by adopting an open attitude towards the people you work with. 


2. You are results-oriented

As a Supply Chain Manager, you work with strategic and commercial objectives. You can only achieve this if you are result-oriented. It is important that you have a clear picture of what the set end goals look like. You are tenacious, show initiative and don't let setbacks or time pressure throw you off track. You do not shy away from obstacles and keep the result in mind. 


3. You have strong analytical skills

As a Supply Chain Manager, you know how to quickly distinguish main and side issues and you can view a situation from multiple angles. Your work focuses on the journey that products take from production, through all kinds of logistics channels, to the consumer. Many people and organizations are involved in this journey. To gain insight into this process, it is important that you have a clear overview of it and strong analytical skills to find its strengths and weaknesses. 


4. Empathy & collaborations

Everything you do as a Supply Chain Manager is in the interest of the end user and of the people who are part of the process: the ones who make the product journey possible. By empathizing with the wishes of all those involved, you better understand what needs to be done and how realistic it is. You are always able to adjust so as to achieve maximum efficiency. 


5. You can quickly switch and adapt

Due to the ever-growing competition between companies, the need for optimal use of all processes is only increasing. In your work you are constantly working on making improvements and responding to developments in the current market. This requires an inquiring mind, stress resistance and great adaptability. 


6. Planning and organizing

You can achieve an optimal Supply Chain with good planning. You organize all processes in such a way that they support strategic and commercial objectives and satisfy the end user. This requires organizational talent! You work in a structured and planned way by setting clear goals and priorities. One method that can help you with this is mind mapping. By visualizing your plans in the form of a mind map, you can design and implement them quickly, in a structured and efficient way. 


7. Networking and Reputation

Are you a freelance Supply Chain Manager or do you want to start as a freelancer? Then it is also useful to be aware of your reputation. Be consistent with the quality of the work you deliver and when meeting deadlines. Did you successfully complete an assignment? Then make sure you keep the relationship with that client warm. They may be able to recommend you to other clients. Do you want to further expand your network? Then actively network. This is important in finding new customers and opportunities. Did you not yet have an extensive network at the start of your freelance career? Then you can also contact recruitment agencies such as JP Gray who specialize in the Supply Chain field. They already have an extensive network that you can use. 

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