Together, we will find the next challenge in your career

Are you ready for the next step in your career? Then it is important that your application stands out and that the application process runs smoothly. Our consultants will find the vacancy that suits you best and guide you from the first introduction to onboarding at your new employer.

Network of interesting clients

Due to the size and diversity of our network, we connect professionals like you to leading and (mainly) international organisations, engaged in process-based production of products and ingredients. Do you prefer to work in a smaller organisation? SMEs are also part of our network. Based on your ambitions, we advise what type of organisation and position suits you best. If we do not have a suitable job for you, we will stay in touch. That way, we can present you with a suitable vacancy at a later stage. View our vacancies or contact our consultants.


We guide you from the first introductory interview to your job interview. We advise you on the appeal of your CV and LinkedIn profile. Has an interview been scheduled? Then we will prepare it together. Do you need advice or do you have any questions? Our consultants are there for you throughout your contract period.

Career guarantee

You put time and energy into an application, then you want to make sure you stand out. If you pass our initial qualifications, we guarantee you a job with one of our leading clients. You will make an impact with your qualities and skills, help the company grow and help build its future.

Training programmes and courses

We think your development is important and are happy to boost it. Through the JP Gray Academy, we offer training programmes and courses in collaboration with our external partner ICM. Expand your professional knowledge, go for personal development or boost your skills.

Working in the Netherlands

Don't live in the Netherlands but want to work here? Many things need to be arranged before the first day of your new challenge. Because of our experience with labour migration, we know exactly what you need to arrange, and of course we will help you with this. Here are some tips.

Apply for a citizen service number

A Burgerservicenummer, abbreviated BSN, is a personal identification number for contact with the Dutch government. You need this to, for example, get your health insurance or file your tax return. Your employer also needs to know your BSN. Register via the Personal Records Database (BRP). Tip: arrange this far enough in advance.

Getting health insurance

It is mandatory in the Netherlands to have health insurance. How do you take out health insurance? On the site of Rijksoverheid you will find an overview of the rules and tips to start your application.

Applying for a visa

To work in the Netherlands, you need the right visa. JP Gray is part of the SThree Group, and therefore IND certified. This means that, as a certified partner, we can support you with your visa application. 

What else do you have to arrange?

What needs to be arranged before you can work in the Netherlands depends on your situation. On the site of Rijksoverheid you can answer five questions after which you will get an overview divided into different categories.