Our approach

We connect leading organisations in the STEM industry with professionals who have expertises within B2B Customer Service, Supply Chain, IT Support, Sales Support, Finance & Accounting and Secretarial & Business Support. Our years of experience give us both a large database of professionals and a strong network with industry-leading clients.

For employers and professionals, commuting distance is an important factor. Therefore, we believe in region-specific recruitment and have a large network in Rotterdam, Breda, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Bosch, Tilburg and Maastricht, among others.

Start of the collaboration

At JP Gray, we really get to know our clients. We know exactly what the vacancy entails and who is the best fit for your organisation. With every staffing issue, we discuss expectations, fine-tune the interview process and schedule several feedback moments to ensure the process works.

The organisation

To get to know your organisation well, we always visit the workplace. This gives us insight into the culture and provides an opportunity to experience the work atmosphere and environment. We discuss your wishes, needs and job specifications. We also take you through our process, explaining the steps we take and what you can expect from us.

We start recruiting

Once the vacancy, wants and needs are clear we start recruiting. We contact our network and approach potential candidates. 

Before we introduce professionals to you, we do an extensive screening. We look at their motivation, check references and assess whether the candidate fits your organisation. And more importantly, whether the candidate agrees with the terms of employment. As soon as we are convinced that there is a match, we introduce the candidate to you.

The right match

When there is a possible match, we schedule an introductory meeting. Depending on your wishes, we can follow up the introduction meeting with one or more interviews. Are you both enthusiastic? Then we make a proposal to the candidate.

Our consultants supervise the entire application process, from first meeting to signing the contract. This way we can ensure a smooth and clear process.

Even after the first day, we are here for you

Support after hiring a professional is just as important as the contact in the phase after. That is why we are also there for you in the months after the start date. We regularly check how things are going: how did the first month go? Are there things we can help you with? Is everything still clear? We do this both with you, and with the professional. This aftercare is throughout the contract period and an important part of our process.

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