Our Service

We offer you 3 different kind of services

DetaVast (temporary-to-permanent)

Are you looking for an employee for a permanent position, but you prefer to have the opportunity to see how an employee operates? Than this is the perfect solution!

The employee will be payrolled for a pre agreed period. After a successful working period your organization can employ the employee directly. The take over is free of charge and laid down in the agreement.

This service ensures that you don't have to put your time and energy in the recruitment process and you have an extended trial period. This prevents any surprises afterwards and gives you more flexibility and security.

The advantages of the DetaVast-constructions are:

  • Flexibility
  • Risk spreading
  • Better estimation if a candidates is suitable for the job by extending the probation period
  • Cost saving: you only pay for the worked hours
  • Time saving, you can focus more on the core business; we take care of all the salary and contract administration
  • No financial risk in case of sickness

The candidate will be paid per hour. This hourly rate includes the gross salary, employer's costs, reservations for holidays, holiday money and JP Gray's fee.


If you are urgently looking for temporary support, for example in case of maternity leave or because of an excess of work, this would be the ideal solution. The difference with DetaVast is that there is no possibility to take over the candidate and there is an end date in place.


For this service you pay a fixed fee based on the gross annual salary of the candidate. The candidate is directly employed by your organization.